How we work

“The bride beauty at home – Pubella” is available with a variety of services along with the high standard quality of products. For us two thing matter one is customer satisfaction, and another one is customer services. Our well-trained beautician makes sure that our customers are treated well, comfortable, and satisfied with our services. Our Manager will handle all the online, offline appointments, and also handle that everything in the saloon is running smoothly and ensure the concern of customers met.

Staffing and system:

A beautician is a highly skilled, professional staff who are licensed by “Pubella” for the entire city of India. Our saloon is available with lots of foot’s traffic to just maintain a strong clientele relation. Our saloon is available with well-stocked products with separate work station for each staff. We believe a clean and hygiene environment make mind healthy and give better result in term and condition of work from both sides.

Regarding Appointments and Payments:

We believe a successful saloon is well maintained and highly organized with a well-trained and skilled staff that can treat customers with a variety of services.  Appointments might be booked advance or client can directly approach to our pallor without any prior appointments. Clients have to pay once their service is completed or can go with online payments while booking for the appointment.